Ever Wonder Why Homes Have Cupolas?

The short answer – for comfort!

Before central heating and air, home builders and architects used a variety of tricks to improve the comfort of homes. We found this neat blog article at This Old House which describes the uses of cupolas, shutters, deep soffits and eaves, and louvered exterior shutters. We especially liked the different ideas to create air flow. Click here to see.

Louvered exterior shutters are typically found in southern and tropical climates. Given the harsh heat we’ve experienced in Kentucky the last few summers, we are beginning to wonder if we need to promote them here.  What do you think?

Home Security Tips

This morning, I read a blog post on home security by Lou Manfredini and really liked his “common sense” ideas. (Click here to see his tips for a safe home.) This topic interests us because we regularly receive calls to help with damaged doors like the one pictured here.

Most break-ins are through windows and doors which you can discourage taking these steps:

  • Lock your windows and doors – simple, easy. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 40 percent of annual household burglaries, the thief simply walked, climbed or crawled into the house.
  • Add dead bolts to your entry doors. And place your extra key out of sight!
  • If you have a hollow wood exterior door, replace it with a solid door. Those hollow doors are fragile and easy to destroy.
  • When you replace your door, add a steel reinforcement plate behind the door frame (jamb) at the lock area.
  • Old sliding doors/windows have inadequate locks. Place a wood dowel rod or two-by-four on the inside track to stop the slide.  Size the rod or 2×4 to just fit into the track area.

These are just a few of our suggestions. If you have any ideas, post your thoughts on our Facebook or Twitter pages  If you have any questions, call us at 896-1717.

And be safe!

Pantry Door Idea

We spotted this idea on The House of Smiths decorating blog. If you are looking for a way to add some zing to your kitchen consider accenting your pantry door with a splash of color just like this.

If your door needs updating, we have different styles of interior doors to choose from.  Find a door that fits with the architecture of your home. Our carpenters can install it to look like the door has always been there. We can even find a painter! One stop!!!