Beauty Shots from the Deep South

We just love beautiful doors and windows. So on a very regular basis, we’re going to post idea pictures on this blog and Facebook.  Stay tuned. We’ll have the door for you.

This door is very old and located in the deep South. It’s a wood six-panel door painted medium gray. The sidelites and elliptical transom contain clear glass which was most likely glazed and built on the spot. All the different decorative features make this ‘door’scape gorgeous: the light gray exterior walls; the medium gray door framed by white jambs; substantial light fixtures with patterns mimicking the door panels and the curves in the transom; and the potted greenery.  Notice the size and height of the greenery (good scale) and its color just pops against the light gray wall. Perfect complement!

Check out the door stop on the threshold.  Is that a Scottish terrier?

“Person to Person” with George Clooney and his Doors!

Watch this interview with Kentucky native George Clooney in his California home to see the doors that give his home style:  front entry door made from wood in a look typical for the California desert; interior door with 1/2 lite decorative glass; french doors in the dining room; bi-parting sliding doors leading to his exterior room which also includes a “wall-sized” collection of wine; and bi-folding doors (in his theater).  What else did you spot?  Let us know on Facebook.


For us proud Kentuckians, George shows us his personalized bottle of Marker’s Mark.

And oh, as for rooms, the kitchen was my personal favorite.  Thanks CBS for this inside look.