Marvin Scenic Doors

Our Marvin Scenic Doors bring the outdoors in by blending indoor and outdoor living spaces. Marvin Scenic Doors offer three beautiful ways to open up a one-of-a-kind view.

Marvin Bi-Fold Door

The Marvin Bi-Fold Door is a simple, elegant solution for indoor/outdoor living because it opens wide to invite fresh air in. Configured from two to eight panels, Bi-Fold Doors use a unique operating system that allows the door to fold smoothly to one side, stylishly and effortlessly connecting your space to the outdoors or to another room. Marvin Bi-Fold Doors are ideal for making a dramatic connection with verandas, gardens and more, or expanding a room into adjoining interior areas.

See It In Action!

Click the image at left to watch as Ann Gregory demonstrates the Marvin Bi-Fold Door installed in our Idea Showroom. Our display door is 16′ wide and is really simple to operate. Stop in and try it yourself!

Marvin Ultimate Lift and Slide Door

Marvin Ultimate Lift and Slide Doors will add acres to your floor plan. Available in stunningly large sizes and numerous panel configurations, it allows for a seamless transition from the exterior to the interior of your home. Marvin’s industry-exclusive hardware virtually disappears to give you an incredibly clean and unobstructed view with simple, effortless operation.

Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door

The Ultimate Multi-Slide Door is more than just a new panoramic door. It’s an entirely new lifestyle. Smoothly slide it open and invite into your home expansive views, fresh air and an abundance of warm, natural light. Available in large sizes with standard widths up to 50’ wide and 12’ tall, this door comes in a variety of configurations that include pocket door panels that disappear completely into the wall or a stacked-panel configuration.

Stop in our Idea Showroom to see the Bi-Fold Door in action and discuss how we can help you connect your indoor space to your outdoor space.