New Interior Shades for Marvin Windows and Doors

The Door Store and Windows is proud to introduce Marvin Interior Shades, the most innovative integrated interior shades solution on the market, and the first window and door fashions available directly from Marvin. Available on several Marvin window and door products, Marvin’s Interior Shades fit seamlessly to work as an integrated solution and offer unmatched functionality, beauty and performance


Check Out These Great Features and Benefits!

  • Shades integrate seamlessly with windows and doors.
  • Top-down/bottom-up positioning available for windows and swinging door products
  • Does not protrude into the living space or interfere with hardware
  • Looks like part of the window or door and can be matched to Marvin interior finishes
  • Available with matching stack cover option to hide shades when not in use
  • No visible cords or pulleys
  • Precision fit virtually eliminating gaps and light bleed
  • Available in 15 on-trend colors
  • Available in blackout (eliminates light completely) and light-filtering (allows some light in) fabric
  • Retrofits to many existing Marvin products are available.

Window Shades

Marvin Interior Shades may be ordered on or retrofitted to most Marvin Ultimate clad and wood double-hung, casement and awning windows and are simple to install and remove. An integrated surround preserves the view while housing both the shade and a screen that can be easily removed from the surround.

Swinging Door Shades

Marvin Interior Shades may be ordered on or retrofitted to most Marvin clad and wood Ultimate Swinging French Door products and include solutions for sidelites and transoms. The shades are designed to eliminate banging on the door when the door is in motion as compared to after-market offerings that require additional clips or brackets. Marvin’s Interior Shades also do not interfere with the lock or handle hardware on the door, another benefit compared to after-market solutions.

Sliding Door Shades

A first in the industry, Marvin’s sliding door shade design allows the shades to move with the operating door. No longer do you have to open your shade to operate the door. The interior shade presents a uniform appearance that aids in the seamless look because the shades and operating panel are on the same plane. When not in use, the shade stacks are completely hidden. Our integrated design means your shade will not protrude into the living space.

15 Industry Leading Colors

A palette of 15 industry-leading colors to choose from provides flexibility for outside light distribution and privacy. Shade material is proprietary to Marvin and features anti-static, liquid repellant, and dust and soil resistant properties along with a 10-year warranty.

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