Our Window Installation Process

Quality Products Deserve Quality Installation

Replacing more than one window in your home may sound like a daunting project, but at Door Store and Windows we strive to make the replacement process as simple as possible for the homeowner. One important aspect of this is our efficient rolling installation.

During your window installation, the TDSW team breaks into two groups. Team A begins the installation process on the first window, removing the old and preparing the frame for the new. At the halfway point, team B begins removing the second window and preparing the frame. This way, as soon as team A finishes installing the first new window, the second is ready to be installed. This rolling process guarantees that the project is done quickly and efficiently without leaving your home vulnerable to the elements.

An installation project timeline depends on the number and type of windows you plan to replace. We are proud to say that we complete most of our installation projects in one to two days, causing as little disruption as possible.

Our window installation process consists of the following steps:

1. Team Arrival, Introduction, and Work Space Preparation

Our installation team consists of two to five people, depending on the size of the project. When the team arrives, they introduce themselves before preparing their work space. To contain debris, we place plastic sheeting on the floor and surrounding surfaces in each room. Our team lays a plastic walkway throughout the home so that our team members can carry heavy equipment without affecting your floor. As required by the EPA, we use additional coverage when replacing very old windows which have been covered with lead-based paint.

Plastic sheeting is placed around the window to be removed.

2. Verify Measurement

Before removing any windows, our team makes sure to re-measure the insert area and the new window. This guarantees that the correctly sized product was delivered and that we will be able to complete the project once we begin demolition.

Measuring A Replacement Window

A TDSW Installer measuring the window insert area.

3. Remove Old Window

After measurements are verified, our team carefully removes the first old window, preserving molding and surrounding areas.

The old windows are carefully removed.

4. Clean Insert Area

Once the old window is removed, our team cleans up any loose paint, dust, and other debris from the insert area. At this point in the demolition, you may be able to see inside your wall. This surprises some of our customers, but there’s no need to worry: our team will ensure that there are no signs of demolition once installation is complete.

The insert area is thoroughly cleaned before installation.

5. Installation

Our team carefully unloads the new windows, removes the packaging, and installs the product. Once the window is set and secured, we use spray foam insulation around the perimeter. This creates an energy-efficient seal. Then, we reapply the trim.

A TDSW Installer lifts the new window into place.

6. Clean-Up

After installation we clean up any debris, vacuum the area, and remove the plastic sheeting.

The finished product.

At Door Store and Windows, our goal is to provide peace of mind and customer satisfaction throughout the entire replacement process. Click here to learn more about the replacement process from consultation to install. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (502) 822-5424.

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Thanks for Helping us Support Dogs Helping Heroes

We love supporting our community whenever we can. Each year we work with a number of organizations donating our time or money to a cause that is close to our hearts. This year we have had the great pleasure of working with Dogs Helping Heroes (DHH) on two separate promotions. As we learned more about the organization and the incredible heroes they support, we became more and more passionate about their mission. Our goal was to raise the $4,500 required to train a new service dog for a deserving veteran.

As many of you know, in June we worked with WHAS11 to raise awareness for our promotion to donate $11 of every door and window sale to DHH. During this event we got pretty close to our goal, but we weren’t done yet!

In September, we had the opportunity to host an event promoting DHH in our showroom. We worked with Duffy’s Dog Training to conduct dog training demonstrations during the event. These demonstrations allowed patrons to see the time and energy that goes into training a dog for a deserving veteran. Food for the event was provided by Mission BBQ, an avid DHH supporter, and the Cheddar Box. Anyone attending this event had the opportunity to enter a drawing to win a golden retriever door knocker. James Day, one of the heroes working with DHH, was the lucky winner! Thanks to everyone who came out to support DHH. We reached our goal and DHH can now train a brand new service dog!

Golden Retriever door knocker drawing winner, James Day displaying his beautiful prize.

“The money you raised will absolutely fund a service dog for a hero! Thank you for the beautiful golden retriever door knocker I was fortunate enough to win. It was such a grand time meeting your staff and the many people who visited your store. From all of us at Dogs Helping Heroes, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” – James Day, Door Knocker Drawing Winner

A Big Thanks to TOPS Magazine for Coming Out to Photograph our Showroom Event! See the Gallery Here.

We’re so excited to announce that through these two promotions we were able to raise a total of $4635, more than enough to train a new service dog. We had the opportunity choose a name for the new dog. We chose Marvin, a tribute to one of our best-selling brands, Marvin Windows and Doors.

Thank you again to everyone who supported DHH through these promotions. We are so excited to have had the opportunity to work with this incredible organization and support an incredible cause.

September Showroom Event Photo Gallery

Customers and TDSW employees mingling during the event


Service dog Zakk, keeping his hero company during the event


Customers and TDSW employees mingling during the event


Service dog, Stewart, smiling for the camera!


We were fortunate to have three incredible hero teams join us for this event. (left to right: James Day with dog Samson, John Journey with dog Zakk, and Josh Decker with dog Stewart)


Matthew Duffy with Samson, TDSW Co-Owner Laurie Scharborough with Zakk, and TDSW Co-Owner Ann Gregory with Stewart.


Samson listening intently to the conversation above


Dogs Helping Heroes Representative, Judy Wilson, shared their mission and values with customers attending the event.

Budget Conscious Replacement Window Options Help Revive A Diamond In the Rough

While searching for their first home, Brad and Amber found their diamond in the rough in Louisville’s Highlands neighborhood. The house, a classic bungalow in a desired neighborhood, with tons of charm — including Prairie style grilles on the windows – felt like the right fit. But this home was a distressed property on the foreclosure list, and would need a complete renovation. Brad, being the General Manager of Vincent Abell Contracting, was excited and prepared to tackle this project.

When searching for replacement windows for this renovation, Brad turned to our own Don Erickson to assist the couple throughout the remodeling process. “We love Don. He was patient and helped us make decisions when Amber and I had different opinions. He made several trips here to discuss our window options and his ideas were always helpful.”

Technology, Value, And A Historical Fit

Don steered Brad and Amber toward Integrity Windows with Ultrex pultruded fiberglass technology. He knew the couple were drawn to leading edge technology, and looking for a great value. The Integrity Wood/Ultrex windows fit beautifully with the bungalow-style home, and the homes in the surrounding neighborhood, from a historic standpoint. The Wood interiors helped maintain the historic look inside, while the Ultrex fiberglass exterior provided a low maintenance option with extreme durability. Every window in the home was replaced; so finding a product that was a good value was important to keep the project within the budget. 

Don also suggested changing the window configurations in several areas, which worked out great for the home and budget. “We were able to cut some costs and still got all of the windows we needed,” Brad commented. 

Customized Windows

Both awning and casement windows were selected over traditional double-hung windows for added usability and to conserve space. 

The two windows on either side of this fireplace were converted to awning windows to allow space for built-in bookcases. These windows, and their custom prairie grilles, maintained the home’s architectural style while allowing natural light and fresh breezes into the space.

In the dining room, awning windows were located at a position high on the wall to maintain privacy while allowing plenty of light and ventilation, while maintaining privacy, as the home is situated very close to a neighboring home.

Award Winning Results 

In 2014 we nominated this incredible renovation for the Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Awards, and it won the People’s Choice division. Open to builders, remodelers and architects, the Red Diamond Achiever People’s Choice national award program was based on voting by the public and opened with 210 entries from across the US.

If you’re searching for budget conscious replacement window options, give us a contact us or stop by our Louisville window and door showroom. We’d love to help. Interested in reading some more of our content? Check out our blog about the rules of proportion and scale for windows!


Discover Louisville’s Hidden Treasures

Most locals know that Old Louisville is full of fantastic architecture and beautiful older homes. What many may not know is that there are some of the most beautiful private gardens in this area as well. This weekend you are able to tour several of these incredible gardens and outdoor spaces in The 25th Annual Old Louisville Hidden Treasures Garden Tour. One of our passions is helping to preserve, protect and refresh our area’s historic homes. All proceeds from this event will be used to preserve and improve this historic area in our community and we are thrilled to be a part of the event! 

As a special treat, four of the gardens open this year have never before been open to the public! The entire route is walkable, and begins at the Conrad-Caldwell House Museum where you will find vendor tables, auctions and other items nearby. We hear that a few of the carriage houses will also be open for tours. 

Worried about getting over heated? We’ve got you covered! This year The Door Store and Windows are the event “Fan Sponsors”, which means we are contributing a hand fan. This fan is your ticket into each garden. You’ll want to hold onto it, because it will also offer free admission to the Conrad-Caldwell Museum at a later date. 

Read more about the tours or purchase tickets at the link below:


*Photo Courtesy of The 25th Annual Old Louisville Hidden Treasures Garden Tour