How to Improve Security – Double Doors

If you missed the first article in this series, see “How To Improve Security – Entry Doors” for a general overview of door security.

The expansive opening of a double door offers beautiful views and outstanding access, but it also offers intruders

easy access if preventive measures aren’t taken.

“The astragal of a double door – the section where the two doors meet in the middle – is typically a weak point in the door design. Simply putting pressure on the top and bottom corners of the active door and accessing the head and foot latch bolts from the outside with a screwdriver can allow easy access.”

– Craig Rowe, Door Store and Windows Installation Manager


Warning signs that indicate your double doors might be susceptible to forced entry include:

  • Improper head and foot bolt latching that results in loose, easy-to-manipulate doors
  • Damaged or inoperable head or foot bolts
  • Latch bolt access from outside through the astragal
  • Cracked, rotting or warped doors or door frames
  • Lack of, or inoperable deadbolt and/or handle lock

If you do decide to replace your double door, here are some key security features to look for:

  • Choose a unit with a multi-point locking system.
  • Look for security features on the astragal such as latch bolt cover plates.
  • Discuss your security concerns with your professional installer for on-site adjustments that can be made to improve the security of your double doors.

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