It’s Friday, 7:30am. Must be and Install Meeting

Every Friday – bright and early – the installation team meets to talk about next week’s work. Why?  Because we want our customers to have a great experience.

We review each job and the details that will make your project a success.  We talk about any problems so we can take corrective actions.  The team also discusses safety concerns, material and equipment needs, and housekeeping/maintenance projects.  The last agenda item – so we end on a positive note – everyone describes a personal or job success.  This usually results in a couple of laughs and some lighthearted teasing.

We’re biased but we think we have the greatest installation team in the city!  By far  – the very best.

‘Deckscape’ by Jeff Wallitsch at Wallitsch Garden Center

Every summer I try to decorate the deck outside my house. The ‘design’ genes in the family went to sister Ann – not me. We all have our gifts but design is NOT one of mine. After Jeff and his dad Jim ‘landscaped’ our Booth at the Louisville HBAL Home Show in March, I knew I had found my deck ‘champion’.

Fortunately, Kevin and I gave Jeff free rein. In other words, we didn’t get in the way of his creative talents.  And the deck looks awesome. Check out the photos. Kevin and I are so proud! Thanks Jeff!

You can find Jeff at Wallitsch Garden Center on Hikes Lane.

Signed ‘the envy of the neighborhood’,


PS: Just in time for the company picnic too!

Close Encounters of “The Second Measure” Kind

Craig, our installation manager sent me this picture and commented: “You just never know what is going to greet you on 2nd measures. He was harmless, but you can imagine he is intimidating.” He added that he always appreciates being greeted by a smiling customers; but, sometimes it’s good to be greeted with a wag of the tail.

Isn’t he a beautiful animal?