Connecting Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the many great things about Kentucky is the fact that we experience all four seasons. Whether sitting out on the porch during summer evenings or watching the snowfall in winter, people who live in Kentucky are lucky to be able to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

This elegant double door offers enchanting views of the deck.

To get the most out of our great climate, the key is to marry your indoor and outdoor spaces. We believe that the best way to achieve this is through the right door (or sometimes, the right door and window combination)! Let’s look at some options.

Single Patio Door with Sidelites

The right patio doors can make all the difference. One of our favorite renovations took a single off-center door and window and transformed them into a centered door with two full-width sidelites.

The change wasn’t drastic but the effect certainly was. The space, both inside and outside, was completely altered. In terms of “curb appeal,” the exterior brick wall is now open and symmetrical, and it perfectly complements the adjacent bay window. Inside, the room is now filled with light, and the homeowners enjoy a nearly unobstructed view of their outdoor living space.

Now, the homeowners enjoy a virtually unobstructed view of their outdoor living space.

French Doors

If you’re looking for something a little more regal, some of our favorite entryways are simple French doors. If your French doors open inward, a screen allows you to experience the outdoor weather without experiencing the Kentucky critters. Being able to open one or two sides offers some versatility in your door usage and experience. Even in a small space, sidelites or slim windows can extend that open feeling of French doors. One of our owners used this design in her own home, selecting outswing doors to give her more versatility in her small indoor space, and petite double hung windows to allow her to enjoy a breeze when the doors are closed.

Slender double hung windows bring in a breeze when the French doors are closed.

Scenic Doors

During the months of more extreme weather conditions, it’s still possible to truly enjoy nature with a scenic door. Scenic doors have been gaining popularity in recent years and are designed to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Scenic doors are much larger than a standard patio door, and most are either sliding or bi-folding doors. With wide expanses of plate glass, scenic doors are perfect for patio and garden entryways.

Standard sliding doors typically have an opening somewhere between 60 to 72 in., but doors like the Ultimate Multi-Slide Door can be up to 12 ft high and 60 ft wide!

The Marvin Modern Ultimate Multi-Slide Door

There are many ways to connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces, and many things to consider when purchasing a door. Watch our owner discuss some unique door options here:

From architectural style to proper overhang, our design and technical experts can help you wade through the options to arrive at the perfect door for you. Contact us to get started on your project today!