How to Pick Patio Doors: Three Styles to Inspire

If you’re considering purchasing a new patio door, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by different designs, styles, and materials. Door Store and Windows is here to help! If you’re about to embark on a patio door project, one of these patio door styles is sure to fit your needs. If you have questions or want to discuss your patio door project, please feel free to contact us.

Outside view of huge biparting sliding door.

Nothing transforms your outdoor living space like a beautiful new door!

There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing any door: your budget, the amount of traffic the door will see, your home’s style, and your space. Our Door Store and Windows design experts are always happy to help you navigate these factors and explore door options!

Hinged Patio Door:

Hinged, or swinging, patio doors are classic and timeless. They look right at home in traditional architectural settings, but there is also a range of color, design, and hardware options that can modernize hinged doors so they can fit perfectly in contemporary settings. If space is limited, one beautiful hinged door might be the way to go. If you have space, French doors make for an elegant entrance.

 three side-by-side French doors, each with a with transom.

This customer made a bolt statement with three side-by-side French doors, each with a transom.

French patio doors with huge curved transom and large sidelites

Sidelites and a huge arched transom makes these French doors the focal point of the sitting room.

Hinged doors are ideal if the patio door will be seeing a lot of traffic as a primary point of entry. Depending on your space and budget, there are innumerable options for customizing your hinged patio door installation. Sidelites or a transom can enhance the beauty of a single hinged door. French doors with sidelites or complementary windows make for an elegant look and allow in plenty of natural light. If interior space is a consideration, it’s also possible to have outswing patio doors like our St. Matthews customer.

black glass door with transom

This simple black door with a transom is elegant, perfect for a primary door, and allows for plenty of natural light.

Sliding Patio Door:

A sliding patio door is a great option if you have more wall space. With a sliding door, furniture can sit much closer to the opening, both on the inside of the door and on the patio. Sliding patio doors are also easy to operate and clean.

Sliding doors are most often seen in more modern and contemporary settings, but of course, there are traditional or rustic designs that can allow sliding doors to fit into a traditional home aesthetic. Like hinged doors, sliding doors have plenty of options for customization.

multi slide door

The panes and transom on this multi-slide door looks beautiful in this traditional setting.

Typically sliding patio doors have one glass panel that slides open. Multi-slide doors are a more dramatic sliding patio door option. These doors have multiple sliding panels that stack as they open. They can stack on the wall near the door opening, or they can be installed as a pocket door. While standard sliding doors are great for replacement projects, multi-slide doors are best suited to new construction projects or large-scale remodels. If your project calls for a scenic patio door, multi-slide doors can be 12 feet high and over 50 ft wide.

huge bi-parting sliding door

This huge bi-parting sliding door is now a favorite area in the home.

Bi-Fold Patio Door:

biparting folding door open with dining room inside

A bi-fold patio door is a great way to connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

woman opening a bi-fold door

Bi-folds may not be convenient for a busy primary door, but they make a beautiful statement.

Scenic doors can offer breathtaking panoramic views but may not be practical if being used as a primary point of entry. However, if you have plenty of space and want to make a big statement with your new patio door, it’s hard to beat bi-folds for beauty and drama. Bi-folds have panels that hinge and fold when opened. This style shines as a scenic door. The Marvin Ultimate Bi-Fold Door can reach widths of up to 55 feet, making it one of the largest folding doors in the industry!

two open bifold doors

These bi-fold patio doors made the patio in our client’s home into the perfect gathering spot for warm weather get togethers!

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a patio door, but Door Store and Windows can help. Our design experts will help you wade through all of the options, from space considerations to materials and finish so that when your project is done, you’ll be overjoyed by the result. Contact us today to get started!