Noticing the Problem

A leak here, a draft there. One day you look around your home and realize that some of your windows, maybe even ALL of your windows, need to be replaced. You do a mental walkthrough of your house, taking inventory. “Four windows in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, a bay window in the dining room…” Before long you’re completely overwhelmed by the scale of the project.

Many customers ask us if it’s necessary to replace all of their windows at one time, and the answer is: “Absolutely not”! There are many reasons to replace windows in stages rather than all at once. For example, it may feel too disruptive to undertake such a project at this point in your life. Your budget may not allow for it. Or perhaps you want to test the waters to see if you like the product and the contractor before you commit to the entire house.

No matter the reason, it’s perfectly fine to replace your windows over several years or more. The important thing is to purchase from an established window manufacturer and a trusted dealer like Door Store and Windows. This ensures that you’re guaranteed the same product when you later need to match the windows you’ve already installed.

Getting Started

image showing wood rot on the sash of a window

Wood rot is a problem that should be dealt with right away!

How do you decide which windows to replace first? That can depend on several factors. First, consider functionality. Are some windows draftier than others, or do some have severe wood rot? Perhaps certain windows are especially difficult to open? Prioritize functionality, as this can drastically improve your comfort and energy usage.

Second, consider aesthetics. Not all windows have to be recreated exactly as they were. If your new windows look very different from the windows you’re replacing, you might want to replace all of the windows on one side of your home, or all of the windows in one room, in one go. The right design consultant can offer suggestions on window designs that can maintain the architectural integrity of your home.

Making Design Decisions

One of our customers wanted to replace all 42 windows in their 1926 home in stages. They decided to start with their kitchen windows, as the original windows in that room were difficult to open and close. They added a touch of architectural style by trading the original 6 over 6 grille design for an elegant 3 over 1 design. For this reason, the replacement windows look quite different from the originals. To avoid a mismatched look, they decided to replace all of the windows on the kitchen side of their home.

Image of all the different kinds of windows on one side of the house

Our customer replaced all of the windows on the kitchen side of their house to maintain continuity.

The customer opted for insert windows so they could avoid disturbing the original interior trim, and the results are impressive. Even with the grille changes, the new windows look like they’ve always been part of the home’s architecture. The homeowners were happy to get exactly the windows they wanted for their home within a manageable budget.

Budgeting Wisely

If you’re replacing in stages, there’s no hard and fast rule for how many to replace at one time. We usually recommend five to eight windows at once. This is because when we install windows, our installation team is fully engaged with your home for the day, and they can replace about five to eight windows in a full day. Buying in those increments ensures that we can offer you our best prices on installation.

We don’t just understand the process from the perspective of a window dealer, we’ve also been through the process ourselves! Owners Ann & Laurie both replaced the windows in their homes in stages.

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

Replacing your windows doesn’t have to be a dream. If you’re ready to jump right into replacing all of the windows in your home, or whether you’re looking to replace just a handful, we’re ready to help. Contact Door Store & Windows to get started on your project today!