Fall Protection 101

When undertaking window installation projects, don’t forget to consider fall protection. According to the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC) and 2015 International Building Code (IBC), with Washington State amendments, if the sill height above finished grade on the exterior side of an operable window is greater than 72” and the sill height above the finish floor on the interior side of the operable window opening is less than 24”, then window fall protection should be provided.

Child Looking out Window

One simple way to avoid the need for window fall protection is to install your window at such a height that the sill sits over two feet from the finished floor on the inside. If you’re doing a remodel or replacement and the window sill is already sitting closer than two feet to the floor, you’ll need to consider fall protection. This can come in the form of window opening control devices, preventing the window from opening more than four inches, or a window fall prevention device.

Code requirements for window and door installation can be overwhelming to sift through. If you have questions about guidelines or specific projects, our New Construction team is here to help you interpret and implement code requirements!