Storm Door Purchasing Guide

At Door Store and Windows, we often have customers inquire about purchasing storm or screen doors. Unlike many other inquiries we receive, when it comes to storm doors, our first question is “why?”

It may seem obvious, but there are several reasons why a customer would want a storm door, and they don’t always solve the problem that’s prompting the purchase.

Storm doors aren’t inexpensive, so it’s important that if you’re investing in your home, you’re making the right investment.

storm door detail

Do you need a storm door?

Reason: Drafts or “Weather”

Sometimes, customers want to purchase a storm door because air is coming in through their entry door. In these instances, we do not recommend purchasing a storm door, because the real problem is the entry door. If a customer’s entry door is drafty, out of plumb, or misaligned, it will likely need to be replaced regardless of whether or not a storm door is added.

Investing in a storm door before replacing the entry door is doing things out of order, and there’s also the possibility that your storm door will not fit the replacement entry door.

bright blue entry door with sidelites

If your entry door isn’t air-tight, replacing with an energy-efficient and well-installed entry door is better and more effective than a storm door.

Storm doors simply aren’t the best solution for keeping weather and drafts out of the home. Entry doors are rigorously tested and can be Energy Star qualified, while storm doors are not. In other words, investing in a properly installed, energy-efficient, and air-tight entryway door is preferable to installing a storm door over a flimsy entry door.

Reason: Protection

Often, customers want a storm door because they think it will protect their entry door. However, their entry door probably doesn’t need that kind of protection, unless it is regularly subject to rain, ice, and snow. As we mentioned, high-quality and energy-efficient entry doors are built to last despite most weather conditions. Additionally, storm doors are unnecessary if your door is situated on a covered porch or under an overhang.

Dark door with open storm door on brick house

This entry door is not protected by a porch or overhang, so the storm door protects it.

Something that surprises a lot of customers is that storm doors can cause more harm than good, particularly in warmer climates.

Rather than protecting an entry door from the sun, the glass of the storm door will create a greenhouse effect, heating the space in-between the two doors. Depending on the material of the entry door, the intense heat can cause it to crack or buckle (especially if the entry door is a dark color). At times, it can get so hot that it’s painful to touch the hardware of the door. And if the entry door is steel, the door itself can get too hot to touch. Sometimes adding a storm door will actually void the warranty on an entry door.

dark door with storm door on a brick house

This beautiful entry door is enhanced by an equally beautiful low-e glass storm door.

Reason: “I’ve Always Had One”

If you’ve always had a storm door, sometimes it can seem like a necessity! When a customer is purchasing a new entry door, we typically suggest they enjoy their new entry door for a time before adding a storm door. If they later decide they still want one, we’re more than happy to add it!

Reason: Light and Ventilation

So why would you get a storm door? Well, the number one reason is that you want to let in light. If you have a solid entry door, this is a great reason to invest in a storm door. Likewise, a screen door can let a breeze into your house on nice days, without also letting in critters.

bright storm door in a blue hallway

What to Look For

If you’ve decided that you do want a storm door, the most important thing to look for is quality. Storm doors take an enormous amount of abuse, so you’ll want a heavy-duty, well-made door. Storm doors are not security doors, but you do want a good locking system for any door or window on your home. While many storm doors are utilitarian in design, it’s possible to get a beautiful and aesthetic storm door that enhances the beauty of the home. And of course, like everything else, your storm door is only going to be as good as its installation, so make sure it’s installed by a professional.

If you’re interested in browsing our selection of quality storm or entry doors, or if you just have questions about your entry door project, please give us a call today!