Before and After: Easy Exterior Design Changes for your Door

Sometimes you really want to change your front door. Your entry door is okay – maybe a little dated – but okay. The style is traditional and timeless. The slab and jamb are still in good condition (no rot or warping).  What do you do?

Ann Gregory – Owner/Partner in the Door Store and Windows – has some ideas to transform the look of your front door.  In fact, she did this very thing on her house.  Built in the 1940s, the front door on her Cape Cod style house located in St. Matthews needed freshening. She loves the style of her front door and feels it is appropriate for her home.  The door itself was in good condition, but it looked blah! Here is Ann’s story:

“I really like the newest trend of painting doors with a bright, complementary colors.  One of my neighbors has a purple door that I am particularly fond of,” says Ann.  “My wooden screen doors were shot, and needed replacing.  With some paint, new wooden screen doors and updated accessories, I had the recipe for a quick, easy and dramatic change.”

Her first step was to identify a new color for her door.  Ann wanted the screen door and the front door to be painted the same color. She had her own ideas, but decided to consult with a colorist from Porter Paint – Tracy Burbrink.  They both chose “Dill Green.”  (Editor’s note:  Ann is really good at color selection and should have trusted her instincts.)

Next she purchased new wooden screen doors, preferring the full view glass style so her entry doors could be easily seen. Although a wood screen door can be very temperamental, it was definitely the right product for her older home.  Tim Reynolds, a member of the Door Store and Windows installation team, hung the new doors in the existing jamb.


Ann decided to brighten up the front door with some updated accessories.  The Door Store and Windows recently identified a new product line of door knockers to add for the fall season.  Ann picked the “dragonfly” because it reminded her of a favorite book, and it was the right size and scale for her door. She also added new street numbers by Emtek.  (Tip:  Choose large, easy-to-read numbers.  In this case, function is more important than form. You’ll be glad you did it the next time the fire department arrives at your home quickly in response to an emergency!)

Last, Ann repeated the color scheme and wood screen door replacement on her side door.