Installation Story – Steve Has a Fan Club!

At our installation meetings, we end our time together sharing successes or some positive news. Today our lead installer Steve told us he has a fan club of one! (We beg to differ. Steve has lots of fans. Just ask our customers.) But back to the story, three-year old Todd G. loves to watch Steve work. Over the last 12 months, Steve has been at Todd’s home several times working on different projects. Todd – an energetic and obviously opinionated lad – raves over Steve’s work complimenting him “good job Steve” as only young children can!

Undoubtedly Steve has become fond of Todd too. So Steve decided to give Todd a gift – a tape measure. Well now Steve’s a hero! Todd loves his gift so much he is sleeping with his first ever carpenter’s tool.

The story doesn’t end there. In turn, Todd gave Steve a candy sucker.  That’s quite the sacrifice for a very young child. Anyway, we really liked Steve’s success for the week!

PS: Oh! If you’d like your own Door Store and Windows tape measure, stop by the store and ask! We have plenty.