Seven Steps To Ease Your Fears About Cold Weather Installation

The first blast of winter is upon us and the chill inside your home tells you your windows or doors need to be replaced. Don’t put it off until better weather arrives. We’ll protect your home from the elements during installation and new windows or doors will make your home comfortable year-round.

Installation Manager Craig Rowe and Lead Installer Steve Hudson outline our process for cold weather installs:

1. We Plan Ahead.

Planning ahead will keep us from going in and out of the house unnecessarily and limits the amount of time your door or window opening is uncovered. This includes making sure we have adequate plastic for temporary walls (if necessary), plenty of floor protection pads and a thermos of hot coffee! Caulk, foam insulation, and weather barrier membrane are moved to a warm area to keep them ready-to-use.

2. We Protect Your Home From Dirt and Weather.

Floor padding protects against dirt, snow, water or construction debris that might be tracked into the house. Plastic is hung over nearby openings to reduce the amount of cold air entering the home and to reduce dust transmission. Plastic or padding is placed on any surface or object in the installation area to prevent damage and protect from dust. Delicate hanging items are removed from nearby walls. When possible, temporary weather barriers are created using spring loaded posts and plastic sheeting to close off the installation area from the rest of the house. We also check that all tools and supplies are in place before work begins.

3. We Work On One Opening At A Time.

It might be more efficient to do it differently, but in cold or other extreme weather conditions, we work on one opening at a time to reduce the weather exposure inside your home. And we don’t stop working on that opening until it is filled.

We don’t stop working on an opening until it is filled…even if it means we work through lunch, darkness or whatever it takes.

– Door Store and Windows Install Team

4. We Make Sure The New Product Is Ready.

New product pre-install preparation, such as the removal of packaging and wrapping materials, is completed prior to the removal of the old product so the new product is ready to install.

5. We Double Check Everything.

Prior to removing the old product, we double-check the opening measurements to make sure it will accept the new product. We also check the product against your contract specifications to ensure the right product is being installed. Double-checking keeps us from fully removing the old product only to be surprised if it doesn’t fit.

6. We Remove The Old Product…Quickly!

The extra time we spend double-checking the product and opening size usually allows us to quickly remove the old product and immediately begin prepping the opening for the new product. Once the old product is removed, the opening is thoroughly cleared of debris.

7. We Place The New Product…Quickly!

The ready-to-install product is placed into the opening and final installation begins. This critical step involves attention to detail to ensure a proper weather barrier is created. The product is leveled, shimmed and fastened. Expanding foam is added in the gaps between the product and the opening to create a lasting weather-tight seal. Final installation details such as installing trim and adding hardware is completed and your new window or door is ready to make your home more comfortable.

If you’re ready to make your home more comfortable with new windows or doors, give us a call. We’ll ease your fears about cold weather installation and make sure your experience is outstanding.

Installation Story – Steve Has a Fan Club!

At our installation meetings, we end our time together sharing successes or some positive news. Today our lead installer Steve told us he has a fan club of one! (We beg to differ. Steve has lots of fans. Just ask our customers.) But back to the story, three-year old Todd G. loves to watch Steve work. Over the last 12 months, Steve has been at Todd’s home several times working on different projects. Todd – an energetic and obviously opinionated lad – raves over Steve’s work complimenting him “good job Steve” as only young children can!

Undoubtedly Steve has become fond of Todd too. So Steve decided to give Todd a gift – a tape measure. Well now Steve’s a hero! Todd loves his gift so much he is sleeping with his first ever carpenter’s tool.

The story doesn’t end there. In turn, Todd gave Steve a candy sucker.  That’s quite the sacrifice for a very young child. Anyway, we really liked Steve’s success for the week!

PS: Oh! If you’d like your own Door Store and Windows tape measure, stop by the store and ask! We have plenty.

What You Need to Know About Installation Day

Taking the Mystery Out of Window & Door Installation

The journey starts out with a call to schedule your installation.  And if your installation will take longer than one day, we plan a schedule of events – which windows or doors to install in what room and on what day.

We will give you the schedule in writing and provide you with contact information.  We love it when customers review the schedule and help us adjust our work to fit their convenience.  For example, maybe you don’t want us to start in the kitchen because you planned to make cookies for your child’s school class that day.  Just let us know.  Also you will know what room to prepare for installation the night before.

It’s always better if you can move your household goods from the replacement windows or doors.  But we don’t mind helping.  We’ll take down draperies and blinds, move heavy furniture out of the way and cover items nearby the construction zone with drop clothes.  Our installers will also lay drop clothes on the floor and wear protective booties over their work boots to save your nice floors, rugs and carpets.

Once the installation begins, the replacement windows and doors are installed one at a time.  If we take a window or door out, we don’t leave your home until your new window or door is installed.  And the work area will be cleaned up at the end of each day!

You’ll be happy to know that our installers are employees of The Door Store & Windows.  We have performed a thorough background check and confirmed a clean drug screen.  If you need to leave your home to run an errand, feel free.  Your home will be safe.  Some of our customers greet us in the morning and leave immediately for the rest of day.

Here at The Door Store & Windows helping you create the home of your dreams is our number one priority. We understand that replacement doors and windows are a major home purchase and we strive to provide an experience for you that is as stress-free as possible.   Hope this information helps!