One Customer Shows Us Her Decorating idea. Send Us Yours!

We see many great decorating and design examples as we are allowed into the homes of our customers and prospective customers. While this metro area probably leans more toward traditional styles with a Southern bent, Louisville is a city with an enormous variety of design styles. From Modern Contemporary to Victorian and the Eclectic styles that borrow from many styles, you don’t have to go far to find an interesting decorating or design example in Louisville.

We especially love showcasing any ideas that involve doors or windows whether they are fun, interesting, or just flat-out eye-candy. Mary Ann R., a Door Store and Windows customer, recently sent us a photo of her gorgeous winter-themed window box (click photo to see full image). She crafted the design herself from purchased and homegrown greenery and we’re very impressed! We installed her window box and windows nearly 3 years ago and Mary Ann continues to make them more beautiful with her personal touch. Thanks for this lovely photo, Mary Ann.

If you have a door or window design idea you want to share, email us photos along with a short description and we’ll publish them in this blog, our Facebook page, and our email newsletter (use the box at right to sign up to get it).