Windows 101: Lesson 1 – Window Styles

Lesson 1: Window Styles

When it comes to buying replacement windows, it can be an overwhelming project to begin, especially if you haven’t been educated on your options. Rest assured, these few lessons will prepare any window rookie to make informed decisions about this important investment.

There are several different styles, features and functions of windows.

Double-Hung Windows have two sashes, one that you can raise and one that you can lower. You can also get double hung windows that tilt in for easy cleaning.






Casement Windows typically have a crank at the bottom of the window to open the sashes outward. Also available are push-out casements with a locking lever handle as pictured here.  Both have features for easy cleaning.






Awning windows are hinged at the top with hardware at the bottom, allowing for air flow even during a light rain.






Round-Top Windows have an arch at the top giving a unique and aesthetically pleasing look to your home.





Coming Soon – Lesson 2: Window Materials