How to Prepare Your Window and Door Screens for Spring

Window or door screens are an absolute must in the spring and summer in Kentuckiana. They allow us to enjoy breezes without having to worry about bugs and other unwanted critters. Unfortunately, they can get noticeably dirty with dust and grime build-up. And if you think of them as a filter for the incoming fresh air, you’ll want your screens as clean as possible.

How To Clean Window or Door Screens

NOTE: Screen material and frames can be easily bent or creased, so be gentle!

First, remove your screen from the window or door. If you’re cleaning multiple screens, label each screen so you remember where to re-install them later. For your cleaning solution, nothing works better than this mixture: add one cup of household ammonia and a tablespoon of liquid dish detergent to about three cups of water.

We recommend placing the screen on a smooth, flat surface to help prevent damage to the screen while cleaning. Using a sponge or soft cloth, liberally apply the solution to your entire screen and scrub. You can use a soft scrub brush to gently remove any stubborn dirt. Flip the screen and repeat the process. Rinse with clean water. Soap residue acts as a dust magnet, so rinse thoroughly. Finally, gently shake your screen free of water and allow it to air-dry. Before you reinstall your screens, wipe down the grooves and window sill. Reinstall your screens and enjoy some fresh air!

Screen Repair

If you have holes or rips in your screens, you can repair them yourself with a screen repair kit (available at most hardware stores) or have them repaired by a skilled pro. Many small local hardware stores have someone on staff that repairs screens.

What’s New in Screens

Window and door screens have become more and more convenient and functional. If you’re in the market for new windows or doors, look for these new screen ideas:

  • Retractable screens slide completely out of view
  • Solar screens offer glare and heat control
  • Pet screens are heavy duty and ideal for door screens
  • Swing out screens are a stylish option for your windows
  • Stainless steel screens keep small children and pets safely inside
  • High transparency screens improve clarity of view through the screen