Design Ideas for Kitchen Windows

Whether you see your kitchen as a place to toil over a hot stove or to tantalize some taste buds, kitchen windows bring much needed natural light to make any task easier. And with stunning design options, your kitchen window can also be the focal point of the room.

Reaching Across Counters?

Opening a window while reaching across kitchen counters can be difficult. Casement or awning windows are well suited for this situation. With crank and lock both within easy reach, you get quick access to breezes.



Frame Your Stove

Today’s stoves feature beautiful exhaust covers and decorative backsplashes that enhance the room’s design. When flanked with windows on both sides, there’s a new hot spot in the room.




Wake Up To A View

A breakfast nook with windows that stretch from floor to ceiling brings the outdoors in and insulated Low-E glass keeps things comfortable.




Open It Up

Installing a window over a sink was the architect’s way of making the drudgery of cleaning dishes a tad more enjoyable. Take it a step further with multiple windows and you’ll feel like you have an outdoor kitchen.



Don’t Forget The Outside

This homeowner loves to enjoy colorful flowers, but you could just as easily have an herb garden in this window box. Open your windows to the smells of the outdoors, flowers and herbs.




Make It Unique

Choose a unique design like this arch to provide a visual spark to your kitchen area. Many other shapes and grille patterns are available to meet your design aspirations.




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