Team Members Visit ProVia for Entry Door Training

Recently, three of our team members traveled to Amish Country in Ohio to participate in a training and information session at ProVia, one of our entry door suppliers. Dena Shoemaker and Karen LaMontagne, both window and door sales consultants, and Brad Keith, our service manager, experienced ProVia’s state-of-the-art production facility first-hand and came away very impressed.

Impressive Facility and People

“The first thing I noticed about the facilities was the cleanliness,” noted Karen. Dena agreed, “The facilities were extremely clean and the employees worked hard and were very efficient.” Brad has more than a decade of experience in door manufacturing and came away totally impressed with the facility and people. “Their high tech automated system made door manufacturing look easy and the people were awesome and friendly,” says Brad.

“One-at-a-time” Door Craftsmanship

Quality and craftsmanship was a theme that resonated for our team. ProVia is located in the heart of Amish Country in Ohio and employs many skilled Amish craftspeople, but they also utilize some of the latest manufacturing techniques and technology. It’s a combination of “one at a time” craftsmanship with the efficiency of a streamlined production system that can address the unique requirements of each homeowner’s custom-built door. It also results in an entry door product that reflects the care and attention of each ProVia employee.

Some Photos From The Trip…

ProVia Goes The Extra Step

Everyone in the group learned something new during the visit. From the thickness of the steel used in steel doors (49% thicker steel than competitors) to the fact that they manufacture their own threshold (because they could not find one good enough for their doors), ProVia definitely goes the extra step to guarantee a great door. And the finishing areas (particularly the hand staining) was “hands down the most impressive part of the visit”, according to Dena. All agreed that ProVia’s investment in their painting and staining areas really shows in the beauty of their finishes and the longevity of their finish warranties. Karen adds, “The attention to detail is amazing!”

If you’re looking for a new entry door, contact Karen or Dena at 502-896-1717 to set up an in-home consultation.